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Stay safe, warm and healthy for this upcoming winter!

Bed Buddy Herbal Naturals Neck Pillow


Plush ThermaTherapy® Moist heat with aromatherapy in minutes Deep penetrating relief ...

Cane Ice Grip

Stainless steel 5 prongs for extra stability Easily attaches to most canes Easily flips up ...

Compression Stockings

West Gate Home Medical offers the largest selection of compression socks on the Cape. Compression ...

D5008 Sheepette Walker Grip Covers

Thick, plush Sheepette material provides superior user comfort. Great for users with arthritic ...

Day Light Classic

Natural and effective Bright Light Therapy

ErgoCap Winter


Advanced Reinforced Rubber Crutch & Cane Tip

Over the Counter Cough and Cold Medication

Look through our slection of over the counter cold and cough medication.

Therapeutic Foot Warmers


Ideal for tired, aching or cold feet. Penetrating, soothing and long-lasting warmth Can be reheated over and over in microwave Relieves pain from arthritis or tendonitis

Thermophore MaxHeat Plus 14 x 27 Large

*MaxHEAT Plus units let you add additional water in dry environments * Moisture helps the intense ...

Wheelchair Plush Cushion

Contours to arms, back and seat for total comfort Overstuffed soft fiberfill Poly cotton ...