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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Lift Chair Lasts

A lift chair is a purchase that most people hope will last them a while. If you take some basic steps to make sure it stays in good working order, then you should have no problem with just that

Read the Owner’s Manual

While it may not be the most engaging material you’ve looked at in a while, making sure you understand how the lift chair operates is important. It should contain some basic instructions on what you should and should not do to keep it operating at its best.


Look After its Power Source

Never use an extension cord to plug in the lift chair. Instead, plug it directly to the wall using a 3-pronged, electrically-grounded outlet. Make sure the external transformer (that’s the box the electrical cord runs out of) is placed in an open, well-ventilated area where no one will trip on it.


Keep the Fabric in Good Condition

Use mild fabric cleaners to wash the surface of the lift chair, but make sure that the liquid does not get sprayed onto any electrical parts. Avoid any cleaners with heavy solvent in them, and make sure to unplug the lift chair while cleaning.  Regularly look over the surface of the lift chair for any tears or pulls.  


Take Care of the Electronics

In addition to looking after the various power sources, you should also make sure that other electronic components are taken care of. Most lift chairs come with a battery back-up. Even if you’ve never used it, the battery should be replaced annually. Periodically inspect the wiring to make sure it’s not frayed, damaged or corroding. Finally, be careful that no liquids are spilled onto the electrical components.

3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Lift Chair

Is it getting harder to help mom out of her chair? Does dad have a hip or knee surgery scheduled, and is worried about how he will get around afterwards? If so, they may benefit from a lift chair. This piece of furniture contains a device that lifts the entire chair from its base, allowing the user to get in and out with ease. It will allow mom and dad to move more independently, as well as make your job as caregiver less physically stressful.


Before you start shopping, make sure you ask yourself the following questions:


Is this lift chair the right size for my loved one?

Just like regular recliners, lift chairs come in a variety of sizes. In order for your relative to feel completely comfortable, you need to make sure you get the right size for them. If it’s too tall, their feet may not touch the floor. If it’s too small, it could cause a strain on their lower back. We recommend purchasing a power lift chair only after obtaining the height and approximate weight of the person for whom you are purchasing it.


Which type of covering is best?

If your loved one has a problem with incontinence, it might be best to forgo the cloth-covered lift chair and get one with leather instead. The opposite is true if they sweat a lot. In that case, the cloth one will better serve them.


Why do they need the chair?

A lift chair offers a variety of amenities, from heated seats to cup holders, as well as lift speed variation and vibrating seats. If your relative experiences aches and pains, these features can help increase their comfort levels. We’ll help you find the unique qualities that set your perfect chair apart from the rest.


Stepping into the role of the family caregiver is never easy, but a lift chair could make your job less physically demanding. Get yours today!